Workplace Driver Training
Workplace Driver Training
Company Car Drivers (up to 3500kg)

Under health and safety law, employers have duties for on-the-road activities. Just as with any other area of risk, an employer is responsible for assessing the relevant occupational road risk. This involves carrying out a specialised risk assessment for any work-related driving activity and providing training as necessary.

How Can We Help?

Approach Driver Training (ADT) offers an affordable and simple solution to help businesses comply with the law, with minimal interruption.

We Offer

On-road and classroom training. Back-up resources. One-to-one training (where needed). Online refresher courses / One-to-one refresher courses.

Assessing The Need

To ensure that we provide you with the right support, we recommend that we carry out a simple gap analysis of your workplace driver policy. We will then provide you with a written report, recommendations and a proposal.

Other Related Training

Alongside basic driver training we offer training in areas such as:

Vehicle check sheets. Vehicle driver records/handbooks. Incident procedures.

After Course Support

As a valued existing customer, ADT offers free remote assistance via its e-helpdesk in all aspects of Workplace Driver Training.

Designed With You In Mind

Our programmes are bespoke - tailored to meet the needs of your business.

We offer flexible options such as:

Staggered delivery Weekend courses

Workplace Driver Training
Duration Classroom/on-road session: £155 per delegate (minimum 3 delegates). Session time: 3 hours classroom plus 3.5 hours driving. Classroom only session: Maximum 8 delegates @ a session cost of £400 for 3 hours.
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