Trailer Towing (DVSA CAT B & E)
Trailer Towing (DVSA CAT B & E)
Company Car Drivers (up to 3500kg)

Drivers who passed their regular driving test after 1 January 1997 may be required by law to take a further B+E Trailer Towing test in order to tow any trailer over 750 kg.

The DVSA test involves a practical driving element, coupling and uncoupling, on-road testing and maneuvering. The test is much like the regular driving test but with the added complexity of trailer towing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although there is no theory element, we highly recommend that drivers refresh their theory and familiarise themselves with the latest version of The Highway Code.

How Can We Help?

ADT offers trailer towing tuition in a variety of ways:

Shared training (2 or more students training together). Single drivers in block bookings (3 or more hours). 2 hourly sessions for single drivers.

Assessing The Need

The amount of training required will depend on the individual driver. We therefore offer an initial assessment session, after which we advise on a programme going forward.

Trailer Towing (DVSA CAT B & E)
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