Minibus DVSA D1
Minibus DVSA D1
What Is It For?

This course is for employees who hold the D1 licence (typically because they passed their test before 1997), but have never or rarely driven a minibus. It is also for those who passed their test after 1 January 1997 and by law have to pass this test to drive a minibus.

How Can We Help?

ADT provides a complete solution. We arrange the theory and practical tests, the minibus training programme, and support candidates to obtain the relevant medical certification.

Our trainers meet candidates at their workplace, saving both time and money. Training can also be conducted at any time (subject to availability).


A pre-assessment is required at a cost of £50. Prices are based on two delegates sharing the assessment and driving their workplace minibus.

Minibus DVSA D1
Duration 6 hours plus a lunch break – exact timings are flexible to suit.
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