Fastrack™ HEAT
Fastrack™ HEAT
Course Description

Prepares individuals for travelling to hostile and challenging environments. The course focuses on the current risks and threats the traveller may face, providing the necessary skills and principles required to stay safe.

The course includes eight hours of pre-course E-Learning on our Learning management system, Safeguard™. The E-Learning can be completed at the delegate’s own pace but must be finished prior to attending the scenario-based course. The modules include pre-departure considerations, key safety planning points, personal safety and situational awareness, vehicle travel considerations and carjacking, weapons awareness, kidnap avoidance, basic first aid and trauma medical.

Course Objectives

The theory and knowledge required to stay safe are developed during the pre-course programme and then tested through practical assessments.

This allows the delegate to hardwire the essential skills and experience required to live and operate safely in countries with critically poor medical facilities and/or high crime levels, high threats of terrorism and a medium to high risk of kidnapping.

Suitable For

Media and business personnel and lone travellers visiting challenging environments.

Course Requirements

None to attend the course but the E-Learning must be completed before attending the two day scenario training.

Fastrack™ HEAT
Duration Eight hours’ E-Learning plus two days practical training.
LocationPilgrims Academy, Redhill, Surrey
Edith Macy Conference Center, NY State, USA
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