Introduction to Environmental Legislation
Introduction to Environmental Legislation
Course Overview

Develops managers so that they understand their environmental responsibilities and how to respond to legislation in the interest of your organisation.

Aimed at

For managers with environmental responsibilities such as:

  • Procurement.
  • Contractor management.
  • Occupational safety.
  • Waste management.

Developing your management staff to be proactive in their environmental management will support your overall organisational aims and responsibilities.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will have an understanding of:

  • Environmental legislation and how it can affect business.
  • How to interpret new and amended legislation.
Course Content
  • ISO14001: 2015 requirements.
  • Legal framework.
  • Identification of legal & other requirements.
  • Interpretation of legal requirements.
  • Evaluation of compliance to legal & other requirements.
  • Checklists & action plans.
  • Sources of legal information, updates and support.
Introduction to Environmental Legislation
Duration One day.
LocationOn-site (for up to 10 delegates)
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