Female Safety Awareness
Female Safety Awareness
Course Description

Focusing on the abilities women already have and developing new skills to increase the delegate’s sense of safety and ability for making informed decisions on actions to remove or decrease the risk of violence and crime in certain situations. The course is blended learning, raising awareness and developing techniques for identifying, avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations. Builds the delegate’s confidence and self esteem.

Course Objectives
  • Understanding local legal and cultural differences
  • Arrival and transport safety
  • Hotel safety
  • Safe meetings
  • Safe leisure time
  • Diffusing conflict
  • Basic self defence
  • Social media when travelling
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Attack pre-cursers
  • Controlled practical application and scenarios
  • Attack pre-cursers
Suitable For

Those wishing to feel safer within the ever-increasing flow of danger from crime and terrorism.

Pre-Course Requirements

Sufficiently fit to undertake scenario and some physical technique training.

Female Safety Awareness
Duration One day.
LocationPilgrims Academy, Redhill, Surrey, or Peterborough.
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